Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning an Electric Car

Published: 22nd March 2011
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The President of the United States set a goal to have one million electric vehicles on U.S. roads by 2015. As a result of this impending objective, there is no doubt that electric vehicles will become an integral part of society. Hence, the following are a few advantages and disadvantages for persons to consider when purchasing or simply converting their gasoline car into an electric car.

Advantages of Converting to an Electric Car

• The use of traditional fuels (gasoline) is completely eliminated and replaced by an electrical grid source - generated from traditional and renewable energy sources

• Increasing availability of recharging stations for persons to recharge their batteries speedily

• Noticeable reduction in the operation cost – electricity per mile is 15-25% the cost of gas allowing for a reduction in daily fuel expenses

• Dependence on foreign oil resources are reduce significantly as a result of recharging an electric vehicle from domestic sources

• Electric car conversion allow for little or no emissions of green house gases during operation of the vehicle

• Electric vehicles are known for their low maintenance and operation costs

Disadvantages of Converting to an Electric Car

• The use of Lithium-ion batteries only allows for 250-300 mileage range

• Given that technology is still developing on the manufacture of electric cars, certain components for e.g., batteries - may be expensive

• There are still an inadequate amount of commercial battery re-charging stations making it difficult for individuals to recharge quickly and efficiently

• Some individuals may be hindered from recharging their vehicles at their homes given that their dwelling facilities are not conducive or developed for such activity

Technological Advancements for Owners of an Electric Car

Technological innovation will most certainly allow for new developments towards improved efficiency of key engine parts (especially the battery) of the electric car. It will ultimately allow for increasing the mileage, thus making it a worthy venture to be considered.

The construction and strategic location of battery recharging stations will become an integral part of society’s infrastructure, as the production of electric cars increases. Added improvements and facilities for using an electric car will encourage consumers to purchase these types of vehicles more readily. This will then enable each individual to make an easier choice towards reducing their carbon footprint per individual within the environment.

Many persons are becoming increasingly aware of the negative effects and pollution on the environment and how it may affect future generations. As a result they are willing to contribute to the sustainability of the environment for future generations. Hence, many individuals are making an effort to do what they can by obtaining a new electric car or converting from a gasoline car to an electric one, thus reducing their carbon footprint per individual.

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